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AGC 2022

Beth Corbley

Beth Corbley

Acuity CostCenter

Head of Business Development

Brett Haddon-Cook

Brett Haddon-Cook

Acuity Engineering & Consulting (E&C)

Principal – Business Development

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Construction Cost Data & Detailed Cost Estimating

Improve your workflow. Save time by leveraging the most transparent cost database and intuitive cost estimation applications.

Cost Database

Over 40k+ Constructive Items. Expertly constructed Assemblies.

Find exactly what you need.

Project & Assignment Organization

Keep your projects organized. Make sure your team is work in the same estimate.

Create Detailed Estimates

Work in the field or in the office. Professional cost estimating tools that were developed for your specific needs.

Real-Time Edits For True Collaboration

Co-edit the same estimates in real-time with your team. Be on the same page at all stages.

New! CostModeler is here.

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“The time saved from not having to track down and organize multiple spreadsheets has been invaluable to our team and our bottom line.”

John Smith, Project Manager

Increase Accuracy On Project Time & Cost

Cost Data & Estimating Cloud Suite

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Current Cost Database

Today's Pricing, For Today's Estimates

Extensive library of expertly constructed and transparent tasks. Find pricing for high-demand materials such as concrete siding, composite materials, and green building materials.

40,000+ modern day cost items and it's growing by the day. Labor, equipment, and materials. Your estimate is only as good as the data you put in it. Keep your constructive cost data up-to-date and make sure your estimates are on point.

NEW! 2k+ assemblies are now available.

NEW! Parametric (conceptual) models coming soon!

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Unit Cost Database

Construction Cost Data Updated Monthly

40k+ unit cost items. The most detailed construction cost data available, with accurate and reliable location-specific construction cost data.

2K+ Assemblies are now available.

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Conceptual Estimating For Better Early Stage Decisions

40k+ unit cost items. The most detailed construction cost data available, with accurate and reliable location-specific construction cost data.

Custom Models: Leverage a team of engineers for your bespoke needs. We have decades of experience in developing parametric models.

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Streamlined For Quick Estimations

Designed with simplicity in mind, but with functionality as a priority. A straightforward and comprehensive estimation software made to help contractors and facility managers complete quick estimates.

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Robust For Detailed Estimations

Comprehensive cost estimating platform for estimators and collaborative teams. Our intuitive user interface will help you do your job better, faster, and with less rework required. Includes Native Mii interoperability.

What's behind our cost data?

Explore transparency and accuracy.

Construction cost data is simple. It is made up of labor, equipment and materials.

When interacting with our cost library, users are able to view the detailed breakdown of any cost item.