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CostBase Overview

Designed with simplicity in mind, but with functionality as a priority. When you need an estimate done fast turn to CostBase. Our out-of-the-box solution comes paired with our cost book database. Giving you access to over 40K+ unit line items researched, validated, and routinely updated by experienced cost engineers. PT&C CostBase is the most efficient way to tackle quick estimates while reducing inaccuracies and guesswork. Leverage the accessibility of cloud-based software with our basic estimation tool to get simple estimates done faster.

Simplified Cost Estimating Software

When you use CostBase with CostBook, you’ll be able to get the full functionality of what CostCenter has to offer. For detailed estimates, take a look at our CostPro estimator. This is our advanced solution to address the needs of teams of all sizes.

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Fast, secure cloud-based platform

Access your estimates and collaborate with your team from anywhere, at the office or in the field

Comes paired with our cost data

Pricing for emergent, high-demand construction materials such as concrete siding, composite materials, and green building materials

Superior task interface

Users can review and modify individual cost components

Dashboard view

Access and review your estimates in a single interface. Track your projects here, with a real-time view into the status of all of your estimates

Attach supporting documents

Link and store your estimate-supporting documents within the estimate itself, so all of your documentation is in one place

Streamlined workflow

A straightforward and comprehensive estimation software designed to be simple to use. Ideal for contractors and facility managers

To learn more about construction estimating software, click here to find a great Wikipedia resource page.