Built and maintained by cost engineers for anyone estimating construction and renovation costs, our suite of cost estimating tools gives you the power to create detailed estimates based on current, accurate cost data.

Whether you are designing a project, managing, or providing an independent estimate, CostCenter's cost estimating software will help you do your job better, faster, and with less rework required. Have confidence knowing that you're backed by accurate cost book data.

Why CostCenter is right for you

Centralized administration tools

Manage team member roles, workflows, applications, and data libraries.


Hosted on a secure server so you don't have to deal with local software installations.

Facilities cost lifecycle ecosystem

Get a clear picture of the estimation process. From cost data to the estimating tool.

Frequent updates

New features and cost data are regularly released in our applications. Monthly updates! This includes our cost database.

Localized cost data

Leverage the power of local cost data to make your estimates accurate. We even make it easy to change between cities to run cost comparisons.

Track unlimited projects & progress

Get a better understanding of where you and your team are at any point of the process.

Technical support

Learn from our knowledge base and have access to our customer success team.


Perfect for teams and firms that need to manage complex projects, custom reports, and Mii interoperability.


USD. Per-seat, billed annually.

Quantity discounts available.


CostPro advanced cost estimating

CostModeler parametric cost estimating

CostBook database with 40k+ unit costs and assemblies included


Task Assignments

Mii Interoperability

Advanced Reporting (Coming soon)

Unlimited projects

Unlimited file storage

Multiple 1:1 onboarding sessions

Access localized cost data 24/7.

40k+ unit cost items.

2k+ pre-built assemblies.


Can I buy just your cost database?

At the moment you can buy our cost estimating tools to get full access to the cost database. Please contact us if your company is interested in the integration of our data with your own commercial software.

Where do you get your cost data from?

Our cost data is sourced and maintained internally. We have relationships with over 4000 vendors and have cost experts that are building this database. Subscribers get access to 40k+ constructive tasks and our Assemblies!

What kind of estimating work can I perform in your platform?

CostPro is comprehensive solution that enables cost professionals to develop detailed cost estimates that are both accurate and defensible. With the addition of our CostModeler, users in the pre-construction stages can run quick square foot estimates to make better decisions earlier on.

How many seats am I buying?

Our licensing is simple. Each purchase is for one user/seat. If your team grows, you can buy exactly the amount needed to accommodate the additional members. Team of one? No problem. Team of hundreds? No problem.

What payment methods do you take?

We take all major forms of credit card payments. Your information is encrypted and processed by our payment processing vendor. To ensure safety, we save none of your encrypted purchasing information.

How do I make changes to my existing account? 

Please log into your CostCenter portal and refer to the user settings inside your account.

Speak with an expert.

Start using accurate cost data and estimating tools.

Modern cost estimating software for construction. Data and tools developed to make your work easier.

Invest in a tool suite that will improve your workflow. Our cost data is current to keep you from having to redo all your material and labor costs. The basic estimator is here for anyone in need of quick and simple estimates, while the advanced estimator is for complex projects that have many collaborators.