Native Mii Interoperability
Our development team has supported major parts of the Tri-Service Automated Cost Engineering System (TRACES), including MII software and Area Cost Factors, for many years. While our history has always focused on the service and custom development space, in recent years the digital team has made a significant shift to provide engineers and managers an innovative solution with their CostCenter products. This digital suite includes out-of-the-box solutions that are easy to use, reliable, and includes game-changing features such as native MII interoperability.

Since 2001, Acuity (as PT&C) has directly supported MII software and had an ongoing partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to improve and enhance features to ensure it meets the needs of the Tri-Service Automated Cost Engineering System (TRACES) cost engineering community. We have provided training and user support to more than 1,600 cost engineers in the use of MII, including cost engineers from USACE, other federal agencies, and A-E firms.

With the release of CostCenter products, we have released a state-of-the-art solution to provide MII software users with an alternative cloud-based solution. CostPro users can utilize native MII Interoperability features to import and export projects. Users will be able to lean into new and fast technology to complete projects in less time and with better results.

The goal is to get the most accurate detailed estimates possible when working on an MII project. CostPro will provide the tools needed to accomplish that with any sized team, while CostBook will provide users with reliable cost data to have a solid foundation for any estimate. The combination of both of our tools will allow you to collaborate, organize, and optimize your workflow like never before.


  • Easy import and export of MII file format
  • Work in a cloud-based environment with your teammates at the same time – Real-time updates
  • Reduce the amount of time worrying about file versioning by keeping all your work in one place
  • MII Interoperability is exclusive to CostPro and that means you get a host of benefits from utilizing our advanced estimating tool


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