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Acuity CostCenter Overview

The cloud-based application portal that helps solve coordination problems for owners, contractors, engineers, and architects. It acts as an information hub for our cost engineering applications and provides an overarching view of key performance indicators. By design, project details and workflows have been brought together in an intuitive interface.

As you integrate our applications into your work process, you’ll find an end-to-end facilities cost lifecycle ecosystem at your fingertips. Everything from your cost book to your estimation tools will be able to operate in harmony. This built-in modularity allows you to only use the applications you need. With all that said, CostCenter is only as powerful as the data you connect to it. This is why CostCenter is attached to every single application in our toolset. To see the entire CostCenter suite in action, schedule your product demo for CostBook or CostPro today.

Our mission is simple. We want to offer smart construction engineering solutions.

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Quick company overview

With our easy-to-navigate command center, it’s easy to find project highlights. Get a clear picture of estimation progress, notifications, news and reporting.

Team and environment management

Manage team member roles, workflows, applications, and data libraries.

Track multiple projects and progress

Track your projects throughout the entire facility cost lifecycle for a better understanding of where you and your team are at throughout the process.

Global access to all uploaded files

Projects need to be isolated to stay organized, but this doesn’t mean you need to search each one to find an attachment. The ability to access all system-level documents and attachments from one interface will save you time.

Knowledgebase and ticketing system

Transparency is part of our mission and a part of that is to have great communication. Learn from our knowledge base and provide feedback to a development team that wants to continuously create the best tools for the job.