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CostModeler Overview

Included with all CostPro subscriptions

Develop and adjust comprehensive construction models that can be used for budgetary and planning purposes. Acuity International’s engineering and technology solutions has the capability to offer full-scale parametric modeling & life cycle cost analysis across multiple platforms that include construction, technology, facility ownership, and annual operational logistics. The basis of which takes existing data, historical costs, and relevant economic analytics to support cost modeling efforts to simulate the given life and associated cost of building and operating a given facility.

Conceptual Parametric Cost Estimating For Better Early Stage Decisions

The basis and foundation of all cost analytics are directly linked with current cost estimating methodology and engineering economic theory. Acuity Technology and Engineering services are looking to expand current cost applications by accounting for geographic specific variables such associated local labor, materials, and environmental factors. The impact of our own inhouse data collections results in site-specific data in real time providing the engineering analytics with a greater level of supporting basis which then creates tighter confidence intervals compared to the existing application of parametric life cycle methodology.

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Total Construction Cost Within Minutes

Leverage the speed of pre-construction parametric (SQFT) estimating to get totals you can rely on during the early stages of any opportunity.

Includes Out-Of-The-Box Models

Users get full access to structures, assemblies, and components.

Easy Reporting

Getting data is the easy part. It’s what you do with it that’s hard. Meaningful reports can help you get buy-in from stakeholders and showcase insights to clients.

Convert Conceptual To Detailed Estimates

Pre-construction cost analysis is only the first step in any opportunity. We can take high-level estimates to a detailed level which save users hours of time.

Build Your Own Models

Users can leverage a robust parametric model builder to develop custom models in-house.

We’ll Build Your Custom Models

Access a team of experienced cost engineers who can build custom models to meet unique specifications. We have experience in everything from residential to international retail chains.


What-if Analysis
Risk & Sensitivity Analysis