CostCenter Roadmap

View our upcoming releases. Below is a timeline with some of our most important milestones. Remember, this isn’t all of it. Reach out via chat if you don’t see something that you’re looking for specifically.

Construction Cost Lifecycle Solution
Q1 2022



This is a large dataset milestone for our CostBook team. We’re adding pre-built assemblies into our cost library.

New search technology

Interactions with our cost library is now faster and results are smarter.

Repricing Equipment

Reduce the time spent on rework. Repricing allows for quick updates.

CostModeler / Parametric – Phase 1

We’re adding an entirely new parametric capability to CostCenter. The ability to build parametric models and access pre-built models will launch.

Q2 2022


Parametric estimation – Phase 2

We’re releasing a large set of professionally constructed models.

Repricing between any cost book

This is a huge feature that will save teams HOURS of frustration from rework. Reprice any cost book in our library to PT&C Cost Data.

Davis-Bacon & Union wages

Another large improvement to our labor data with the inclusion of granular wages.

Q3 2022


Frontend architecture

There are exciting plans to make big changes to UX to improve user workflows.


We’re making our data accessible to clients and partners.

International cost data

To meet the needs of our clients we are expanding our dataset to include international cost book data.

Takeoff integration

We’re working on plans for integration with industry-leading solutions such as On-Screen.

Q4 2022


Scheduling integration

We’re working on plans for integration with industry-leading solutions such as Primavera P6.

Data integration

Big plans are in the works for our data team. What’s better than our current dataset? A dataset, of the same quality, but scaled to include even more data.

Multiple screenshots of CostCenter


Users of our pilot program have direct influence on our product roadmap. The pilot program involves regular engagement, dedicated support, and provides users with an opportunity to beta the latest features.