Release Notes

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AIC Release 62
Aug 17, 2022

Estimating software enhancements
  • Changed the placement of Estimate Due Date field and change the Status dropdown to have the following options: Not Started, In Progress, Under Review and Completed.
  • Removed the Approved and Rejected statuses.
  • Changed the permissions to only allow a Read Only user to copy estimates from the estimate list.
  • Removed Due Date from the Project level.

Bug Fixes
  • Realigned the My Assigned column on the home page dashboard.
  • User could select a date from the past when defining the Due Date on a new estimate.
  • Alignment issues when too many members were added to a project.
  • Progress and Status on an estimate wasn’t saving user changes after refresh.
  • The dashboard tour was pointing to the incorrect field and functions.

Upcoming Features
  • Canned Reports within CostPro.
  • API for CostBook data.
AIC Release 60-61
Aug 3, 2022

Estimating software enhancements
  • Assembly repricing – This feature would allow the CP user to re-price an estimate from a non-PT&C CostBook to PT&C Costbook. For example: A current or past user of RSMeans can reprice his estimate to PT&C Costbook. The estimator may opt for system recommended replacements or can manually select the replacement item. Once manually selected, the application has the backend intelligence to make the user preference as suggested option.
  • Currency conversion – This feature allows CP users to view estimate in their choice of currency and at the applied currency conversion rate.
  • Per Sqft cost of estimate – This feature displays per square ft cost of the estimate at the top folder level if there is sqft value entered in estimate wizard.
  • Dashboard – This feature makes changes to the dashboard by providing functionalities like Project List, My Assignments, Graphs for commodity prices.

Bug Fixes
  • Changes to remove permissions for view-only CP users to create and modify Project and Phase.
  • Changes to allow CP users to create and copy estimates based on permissions.
  • Changes to make Currency data match previous data for mii imports to work properly.
  • Exception fixes for CostBook repricing.
  • Changes to Project List for populating workflow status on “Not Started” estimates.
  • Fixes to show Library items in the estimate.
  • Fixes to errors when making an assignment inactive.
  • Fixes to model upload process within CM application.
  • Making delete option visible in My Models tab (for CM users with permissions).

Upcoming Features
  • New reports and customized reports.
  • Missing features / pain points compared to Mii.
  • Quantitative linking.
  • Material sourcing from Cloudera.

AIC Release 59
July 2, 2022
*Major release
Estimating software enhancements
  • Repricing between PT&C and non-PT&C costbook for Activities – This feature allows the user to re-price an estimate from a non-PT&C CostBook to a PT&C Costbook. The user may opt for system recommended replacements or can manually select the replacement item. Once manually selected, the application has the intelligence to make the user preference as suggested option.
  • Estimate Comparison: Comparing two estimates by folder and cost item – This feature allows a user to select and compare two estimates. The feature differentiates folder, cost items and difference in cost. 1. Add Sub-bid to left working grid / 2. Reference Estimate Mapping – Comparison report mapping. Note: This feature allows the user to create a template and map folders to existing standard folders. This gives the user a way to include any folder template they are using and format the estimate.
  • Currency Conversion – This feature allows users to view estimate in their choice of currency and at the applied currency conversion rate.
  • UI enhancement of new estimate wizard to include parametric estimation.

Parametric software enhancements
  • Performance enhancement when running models.
  • Implemented estimation reports on model builder.
  • Model library to consume models from PTC library to build parametric estimates.
  • End user/customer can create models and publish to library to be available for all the other users in the tenant to build parametric estimates.
  • User can build parametric estimates in CostPro.
  • MB – Calculate cost per square feet at model level.
  • MB – Expose Model Builder roles and permissions to non-portal admin.
  • MB – Ensure Model Builder only allows use of workflows made for the Model Builder module.
  • MB – Analytics – Compare parametric estimate to a reference estimate and display the variance.
  • MB – Compare model results across multiple runs.
  • Parametric – Ability for non-portal admin to consume models.
  • Parametric – Finish the conversion from model result to detailed estimate.
  • Parametric – Apply GCI to estimate from parametric/Detailed estimate and model run.

Bug Fixes
  • CostBook repricing is giving error when repricing from March B to Aug B library.
  • Equipment repricing on an upload file giving 500 error.
  • Incorrect CM model copy from library to user’s environment.
  • The CM model cloned to library disappears on UI on page refresh.
  • Charts within CM doesn’t go back to original size on exiting full screen.

Upcoming Features
  • Display estimate in cost per sqft.
  • Quantity Folder Linking (Mii feature).
  • Repricing between PTC and Non-PTC costbook for assemblies.

AIC Release 55-58

AIC Release 55-58

During this time we are releasing supplemental updates and fixes but our team is heads-down on a major update that includes:

  • Cost book repricing
  • Estimate comparisons
  • Parametric modeling improvements

AIC Release 54 – Release Mar 2, 2022

AIC Release 54
March 2, 2022

This release includes improvements to our overall estimate workflow for a better user experience.

CostCenter enhancements
  • Global registration is more responsive.

Costbook database enhancements
  • An All tab has been added to CostBook Library’s navigation. This tab shows all CSI Tasks (unit cost items) and Assemblies in one place.
  • Publication released: PTC – February 2022 Vertical Construction CostBook A.

Estimating software enhancements

  • A Client Name field was added to the estimate wizard for easier project management.
  • Both Location and GCI fields were added to the estimate wizard for an improved workflow. The Location field supports all forms i.e. city, state, zip code and address. Once location is added the GCI field auto-populates to the closest location.
  • A new guided tour will now start when users proceed with the New Estimate workflow.
  • A new guided tour will now start when users engage with the Cost Library.
  • MAJOR RELEASE – Equipment Repricing is now available! Reprice equipment from one cost book (for example: PTC) to another (for example: Equipment Pamphlets) is easy and backed by A.I. technology.
  • Changelog improvements.
  • User item visibilities within trees.
  • CP – UI Changes in Project and Folder Item details.
  • CP – Improved Mii import validation for misaligned labor types.

Bug Fixes
  • Markups grid should not allow delete mark ups while in disabled state.
  • New estimate info icons – one of the text is displayed within the textbox.
  • Library name in URL gets double escaped when session expires.
  • Due date error message overlapping with the textbox.
  • Helpful guides will now pop up after user creates estimate (clone or Excel upload).

Upcoming Features
  • New guided tours.
  • Improved searching in CostBook: Boost search results based on common search/select combinations.
  • Add sub-bid in left working grid.
  • Repricing between PT&C and non-PT&C costbook.
  • Redesigned CostBase Dashboard.
  • We’re developing a Parametric solution.

AIC Release 53 – Release Feb 9, 2022

AIC Release 53
February 9, 2022

Improved search, and better visibility to workstreams

This release includes substantial improvements to the costbook library search, improved visibility of core platform functionality for new users, and improvements to the new estimate flow in CostBase.

CostCenter (CC) enhancements

  • New landing modal introducing CostBase and general portal functionality added in front of tour.
  • New trial users given full access to the costbook (licenses added automatically).
  • Product tour version 1.
  • New search capabilities added to CostBook.

Estimation tool enhancements

  • CostBase estimate wizard updated, now transfers GCI setup and Client to the newly created estimate. GCI and Client surfaced in estimator toolbar.
  • Extended estimate management, ability to lock a previous version of the estimate in CostBase, soft delete estimates.
  • Streamlined default contractor and markups functionality.
  • Adds a Prime contractor by default.
  • Adds commonly used markups by default to top folder/contractor in estimate.
  • Save an Apply button added in markups modal that will apply the additions/updates to top level of the estimate.
  • Optimized experience when pulling cost items into tree views from library.
  • Take the user to the item by expanding folders and scrolling if needed.
  • Jumps into quantity edit in project item view.
  • Editable cost item cost columns in alternate view trees.
  • Project item and Project item folder page layout improvements.
  • Customizable notes and description inputs that remember the user’s size preference.
  • Contractor markups visible and editable from these pages.
  • Shortcut to edit contractors and back to project item view.

Bug fixes

  • Exception Error when saving a GCI record after Location is removed.
  • GCI is not saving the information from the CostBase template.
  • Drag and drop issue from library.
  • Missing Material in Assembly library and in estimate.
  • GCI not working in Trial environment.
  • GCI is not carried over when creating new versions of an estimate.
  • Location being lost when estimate is flushed from cache to database.
  • Estimate showing in list before import is complete.
  • Assembly book not showing in Reprice.
  • Repricing showing 401 error in different libraries.
  • Clone Estimate – The member items in the PI tree were ending up in wrong order.
  • Clone Estimate – Top level folder markups are getting removed on clone.
  • 404 Errors when Repricing.
  • GCI has incorrect location options for Chicago.
  • Formatting issue on items in Estimate Grid.
  • Fixes to Estimate Grid modal export format.
  • Optimize loading time of large estimates from database.