Education Program

Helping the next generation of cost estimating professionals accelerate their work performance with technology.

What does the education program include?

Construction technology is growing at a rapid rate and we want to provide an advanced set of construction cost data and estimating tools to help support the next generation of professionals. We have developed two options for our educational offering. One program was designed for professors and program directors who want to stand up a unique environment for their entire class or department. The other program was developed for student users who want individual access the tools.

Everyone in our education program will have an active voice in shaping our construction software and use all of our features at no cost. There is no hidden fee and product functionality won't be limited. Education users will be in position to have as much direct engagement with our team as you needed.

Access for Professors & Program Directors

Unique Curriculum Environment

You've come to the right place if you're looking for comprehensive cost estimating solutions for your curriculum. We'd love to get a conversation going about how big your program is and how you would like to weave our solutions into your coursework.

Access for Students

Individual Account

You've come to the right place if you're a student and simply want access to our tools. This will give you access to our construction cost data and robust cost estimating tools. Fill out the form below and use your EDU email to get started.

Cost engineer working on computer

Why join our education program?

Our team developed a suite of cost estimating solutions that is providing reliable and improved workflows, and we want to get our tools into the hands of the upcoming generation of construction professionals. It's a win-win. We help educators and student use up-to-date construction technology and our team gets valuable user feedback.

  • Shape the roadmap: Your feedback will help mold our products to be the best in the industry
  • Bug catcher: We thoroughly test our products with a dedicated QA team, but we want your eyes on it. Report all minor and major issues you run into.
  • Support and guidance: You can self-onboard with our training materials or request a full onboarding session to make sure your setup will result in wins.

As an education program participant, you're in the unique position to interact with our team in a direct manner. We welcome candid feedback which include everything from minor mentions to detailed roadmap requests.

We want to help the upcoming generation of construction professionals be successful.

The CostCenter education program's goal is to create an environment where university users can have access to powerful cost estimating tool and have a direct impact on the quality of our software. User feedback and support are both extremely important because ultimately our products are solutions made to meet your needs, not ours.

Cost estimating and blueprints

Conceptual Parametric Estimating

Leverage a powerful model building tool and parametric model library to run quick preliminary estimates and compare cost scenarios.

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Detailed Cost Estimating

As projects progress, users can evolve their conceptual estimate to a more accurate detailed estimate in a fraction of the time.

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Cost Database

(Tasks & Assemblies)

Updated monthly. Our cost database give users access to over 40K unit cost items and 2K assemblies. Sourced from over 4K vendors.

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Standard & Custom Reporting

Select from a collection of templates to generate professional reports that easy for stakeholders understand.

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Who can join the CostCenter education program?

This program was designed for those interested in getting access to cost data and/or cost estimating software for their class or individual student use.

How long will the education program last?

Education programs are completely custom and we'll adjust it to meet your specific needs.

What happens during the education program?
  • You submit your details with a working EDU email address (this is what we will use to make your account).
  • If approved, we will process your request and reach out to you with additional details.
  • You will get a series of follow-up emails to make sure you have everything needed to be successful.
  • You will speak with an account representative and a customer success representative throughout the semester.
What does it cost?

For most programs–99% of them–there is no cost to join. Individual student access to our shared environment is also free. But we'll be honest, there are some restrictions and expectations. For us to maintain your education environment, we need to make sure you're using the tools and have the capacity to engage in feedback. We'll establish everything over a couple calls so that you never get blindsided by anything. The mission of our education program is to help. And we'll do what we can to make this work. It's that simple.

The 1% disclaimer is there so that our legal department can sleep better this way.

How many users seats can we have?

This only applies to educators who want all of their students to use our solutions. The good news is that our software was designed to handle 100s of collaborative users and is capable of handling your class size! Please have a rough estimate of how many seats you need active (on average) within your submission form.

How can I provide feedback?

We'll work around your curriculum and program to see what type of feedback engagement would make sense. Depending on the circumstance, we could communicate on a group call or through surveys. At the very least we'd love to check in with you twice for feedback. Once during the halfway mark of the semester and once towards the end.

How can I provide bug reports?

You can report bugs through email, our ticketing system, and directly by speaking with your dedicated success representative. During the program, you might run into a bug or need us to help you with functionality. Reach out to our team. We have product specialists who want to work with you.

Better cost estimates with

less rework

Monthly updates

Reliable & defensible cost database

Conceptual parametric estimates

Detailed cost estimates

Cloud-based collaboration

Real-time calculation updates

Please fill out our form to request your spot in our program. We will reach out to you soon!

In order for us to process your request, please fill out the form with as much detail as your can. Let us know if you're a professor/program director or a student.