[Updates 9/1] CostCenter – Pilot Program, GCI & MII

By Leandro Monteiro
10:02am EST

The Next Chapter of CostCenter

We launched our software back in June, and it’s been wonderful to hear feedback from everyone. Thank you for reaching out through email, chat, and to everyone who has set up a demo. Your candid feedback is how we’ll continue to shape the entire PT&C CostCenter product line. Don’t hold back.

PT&C CostCenter updates:

  • PT&C CostBook – Transparent cost data with monthly updates. For a limited period, we’ll be pushing cost data updates twice a month!
  • PT&C CostBase & CostPro
    • MII import & export just got better! It’s faster and an overall better experience. MII users now have a cloud-based alternative. Take an existing project or start a new one in our tools and use faster and newer technology for your next estimate.
    • Quick cost book repricing makes it easy to come back to a project months later and update cost items in your estimate.
    • Geographic cost index (GCI) makes estimates more accurate. Users can now access location-specific data and repricing will take the GCI factor into consideration.
  • The new pilot program is now in place and open to you. Get started today. Seats are limited.


Reliable cost data. Accurate estimates.

Not ready for the pilot? Don’t worry. We’d be happy to give you a demo.


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