101: What is a Construction Project Manager

The role of a project manager is as straightforward as the name implies. This individual is a professional who manages and is accountable for a project. He or she also supervises its execution by continuously monitoring and controlling the tasks until the project closes.[1]

What is a Construction Project Manager?

All construction projects require a manager who can ensure the smooth execution of each phase. It is entirely a construction project manager’s responsibility to make sure that bridges, buildings, shopping malls, or hospitals follow the scope of work, standards, and are safe for public use.

Apart from general project management skills construction project manager requires a unique set of expertise. These include knowledge about the industry, raw material, laws and regulations, compliances, health and safety rules, latest trends, etc. A construction project manager must see a project through from its pre-design phase all the way to its completion. This is one reason why the construction project manager’s role is one of the most critical in building processes.[2]

Job Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager

According to the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), construction managers are often referred to as CMs. Their job role entails collaboration with various teams, departments, vendors, and clients.[3]

They are also responsible for providing an overview of the entire project to the stakeholders of each project. These stakeholders include the owner, the general contractor, the architect, trade contractor, and subcontractors (if any).

The CM can also lead a team of specialists builders, including everyone from architects and designers to construction workers and contractors. He will supervise each task and ensure the successful completion of each phase all the way to bringing the building project to fruition.[4]

Tasks of a construction project manager also include:

Planning and Pre-designing

A CM is solely responsible for coming up with a critical pathway or framework. In this phase, he must create a timeline and detailed schedule for the construction project.

Allocation of Resources

This job role of CM requires them to plan what resources they will require, including basic building material, tools, and workforce. Budgeting these resources will also fall within their job roles.

Be a Leader

A construction project manager also recruits a management team and builders. He will assign various tasks to the management teams and builders and set the tone for the project. Therefore, a CM must have impeccable communication and leadership skills.

Monitoring the Project

If you are a construction project manager, it will be your duty to ensure that the construction progresses from one phase to another smoothly, i.e., without interruption. This means you have to make sure that it happens on time and stays within the budget.[5]

You will also document each phase and communicate it to the stakeholders effectively. In case of any issues, you will have to troubleshoot and resolve the matter and get the project back on track.


While a construction project manager is somewhat similar to a project manager in other fields/industries, they specialize in a very sensitive niche. The cost of construction projects can get wildly out of hand if the project hits delays or problems are not communicated effectively.


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