CostCenter an RSmeans Alternative?

We source and maintain our cost data with a team of in-house cost estimators and specialists. Our data is sourced from 4,000 vendors and backed by technology.

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Unit Cost Breakdown & Transparency

Cost data shouldn’t be stuck within a blackbox. Unit cost data, even in its simplest form, still should have logic behind it. We show the vendor source, timestamps, and additional details behind every single line item in our database. 40,000+ unit cost items.

Construction Cost Library Detailed Popup Window
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Pre-built Assemblies

Find thousands of expertly constructed assemblies. Build estimates faster when you can rely on a library of assemblies. 2,000+ ready to use assemblies.

Build Advanced Cost Estimating

Get instant access to a comprehensive cost estimating software that empowers users to build cost estimates based on unit price, assemblies, and parametric models.

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Cloud-Based & Collaborative

Work in a secure environment that allows for a large team to work together in the same estimate and at the same time. All you need is access to a browser and reliable internet. Estimate in the comfort of your office or on a job site.

Monthly Updates

What’s good about a large database if it’s not reliable? We update our data monthly and make it clear to every user when and how we arrived at our costs. Why? It’s because cost estimators need to have auditable and defensible estimates. This is much harder to do when cost data is given and not explained.

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Cost Data

(Tasks & Assemblies)

Updated monthly. Our cost database give users access to over 40K unit cost items and 2K assemblies. Sourced from over 4K vendors.

Conceptual Parametric Estimating

Leverage a powerful model building tool and parametric model library to run quick conceptual estimates and compare cost scenarios.

Detailed Cost Estimating

As projects progress, users can evolve their conceptual estimate to a more accurate detailed estimate in a fraction of the time.

Standard & Custom Reporting

Select from a collection of templates to generate professional reports that easy for stakeholders understand.

What’s makes our cost data auditable?

Explore total data transparency and accuracy on a new level.




Construction cost data is simple. It is made up of labor, equipment, and materials.

When interacting with our cost library, users are able to view the detailed breakdown of any unit cost item and see the logic behind the numbers provided. See the vendor source, the timestamp, and cost components.