CostCenter Pilot Program

Shape the roadmap

What is a pilot program?

It's simple. Users who want to have an active voice in shaping our construction software can request Early Access to our platform and test our releases at no cost. There is no hidden fee and product functionality won't be limited. You, the user, will be in position to have as much direct engaging with our team as you would like. We need insights and you can provide them.

Not everyone wants to be involved with shaping roadmaps or providing feedback, and we completely understand. For those users, we invite you to purchase our tools or to sign up for a demo. During the demo, you can ask for a hands-off trial experience.

Early access to the latest features and updates

You'll enjoy the latest and greatest features. However, know that pilot environments are not stable and we don't recommend you use it without backing up projects.

Live support & dedicated Success Representative

You'll be able to provide feedback via email or our ticketing system at any point. But we'll have weekly calls to keep ease of communication.

Designed to meet your scope and needs

Unlike starting a free trial and self-onboarding, our pilot program involves a tailored new user experience. You'll work directly with an expert to set you up for success.

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Why join our CostCenter pilot program?

We'll be completely upfront. Our team gets value from honest user feedback. These can be minor mentions or detailed roadmap requests. As pilot customers, you're in the unique position to interact with a product environment that has latest features and developments. Get access to our data (CostBook) and one of our estimating tools (CostBase or CostPro).

  • Shape the roadmap: Your feedback will help mold our products to be the best in the industry
  • Bug catcher: We thoroughly test our products with a dedicated QA team. But we want your eyes on it. Report all minor and major issues you run into.
  • Support and guidance on your terms: You can self-onboard with our training materials or request a full onboarding session to make sure your setup will be result in wins.
  • Extended trial period license discount: After the pilot period, you'll get an extended trial period. At the end of your trial, we'll work with you on a custom plan for your team.

The CostCenter pilot program's goal is to create an environment where our users can have a direct impact on the quality of our software. User feedback and support are both extremely important because ultimately our products are solutions made to meet your needs, not ours.

Ready to join as a pilot user?

Who can join?

Anyone interested in getting access to cost data and/or cost estimating software for their business. We welcome users that will get value from our tools.

How long do pilot programs last?

Currently, our pilot program runs for 60-120 days. However, our program and offer is subject to change in the future.

What happens during a pilot program?
  • You submit your details with a working email address (this is what we will use to make your account).
  • We will process your request within 24 hours.
  • You will get an email with login details.
  • You will get a series of follow-up emails to make sure you have everything needed to be successful.
  • You will speak with a Customer Success Representative.
What does it cost?

There is no cost to join. But there are some restrictions and expectations. For us to maintain your trial environment, we need to make sure you're using the tools and have the capacity to engage in feedback.

How can I provide feedback?

You can provide feedback through email, our ticketing system, and directly by speaking with your dedicated success representative. During the pilot, you might run into a bug or need us to help you with functionality. Reach out to our team. We have product specialists who want to work with you.

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Join our pilot program and get free early access.

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